Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Metal Fabrication Company


Metal fabrication companies build, assemble and repair a range of metallic components or products using steel and other metals. Services offered will vary from one company to another; some deal with small production runs with more customization options, while other focus on large product runs at lower costs. There are those that handle a wide range of metal working services while some focus on only a few services. That means not every metal fabrication and stamping service will suit your needs.

Before you select a metal fabrication partner, there are a several important considerations you must make. Here’s a look at some of the top considerations:


Manufacturing capabilities


Are the metal manufacturing fabrication company’s facilities large enough to handle you project needs without running into problems during production? What fabrication services does the prospective company specifically offer? Maybe you only need a simple service, or you may need a number of manufacturing capabilities, such as cutting and forming, fastening, welding, metal finishing, installation, etc. Do you require a single run or large production runs? If you need a single run, you may want to deal with smaller fabricators who can offer more customized services.


What about welding metal for manufacturing services and customization options? If you do not have a prototype ready, can the company design one for you? Ask your prospective company whether they can run a production based on a digital or printed drawing. Also take into account what type of materials the manufacturer works with. This is a key consideration since not every fabricator works with the same types of metal. Some fabricators might also not be well-equipped to handle your raw metal’s size and thickness.


Industry experience


Experience does matter when it comes to manufacturing. From the number of years of operation to the employees’ experience, you want assurance that the company is experienced enough to avoid costly production mistakes. Have the manufacturer you’re considering describe their processes and production standards. Find out if they have worked on similar projects before. You should also not be shy about asking for references–a reputable metal fabrication and framing company should be able to provide plenty. Read more about metal fabrication at


Comparing prices


It’s a good idea to compare prices offered by different manufacturers. Rather than going with the first manufacturer you bump into, obtaining quotes from several manufacturers can help you get a better price for your project. However, this shouldn’t mean ignoring production quality as well as quality of materials. Some fabricators may be pricier because their cutting tools are more precise, or because they use higher quality metal. While dealing with bulk fabricators may be cheaper, it might not be what you need for a particular project.